Communication policy for promotion – a brief summary

Signing policy – a brief summary


Joanna, the typeface chosen for promotional material, has researched well, being seen as friendly but legible. A full list of the approved Joanna typefaces is available in the Identity Management binder.

Promotional literature

For promotional literature a consistent style is an advantage as a little of the excellence of one offer may easily rub off onto another, as long as each of them is recognisably part of the whole. The message that we want to give to our customers is that Regional Railways consistently brings quality offers to their attention. All Regional Railways and ScotRail promotional literature must therefore conform to the house style.

Our grid is based on a strong left hand margin from which all text, illustrations and branding are ranged. All text on the cover must be in an approved Joanna typeface and there are strict guidelines covering the appearance and positioning of the logotypes and fleximark. Bright background colours are preferred so that the public can more easily distinguish promotional from informational print.

Promotional posters

All of the above principles apply equally to posters with one additional option. For exceptional cases the grid for posters allows for a ‘full bleed’ option (ie the picture covers the entire sheet) where photographic subject matter requires this treatment.

Full guidelines for the production of promotional print can be found in the Identity Management binder.

Sponsor recognition

Where appropriate Regional Railways wishes to acknowledge the financial support of PTEs and other major sponsors on print. This is achieved by the addition of the sponsor’s symbol and/or logotype in a specific area at the bottom of the print item.

PTEs automatically have agreement in principle to appear on certain Regional Railways print items (promotional leaflets and posters, timetables, departure sheets, maps). We realise that many PTEs already have their
own print style and existing visual solutions will stand until both parties agree to change.

Other major sponsor marks may only be applied after the principle has been approved by the Director, Marketing & Planning, via the Regional Railways Marketing Team.

Any other contributors, and multiple sponsors, should be acknowledged within the text, preferably on the inside pages or back cover when appearing on leaflets.

Line images

If an approved line image is to be promoted, the ‘woodcut’ style illustration will take the place of the fleximark and the name of the line (eg Settle-Carlisle Line) must always appear in the title on both literature and posters. An appropriate dark colour is selected as an integral part of the line image and this should be used, where possible, as the background colour.

National campaigns

Where a device or symbol has been created to denote a national campaign, such as Rail Rovers, it may be used in place of the fleximark on the relevant promotional posters and leaflets following ratification from the Identity Working Group on Print.

It will follow the same principles as for line images.

Special promotions

Occasionally there will be special one-off promotions which require the use of the fleximark in a creative way, such as on banners for special events. It is vital that the fleximark and Regional Railways or ScotRail logotype is used correctly. Please contact the Identity Manager for help, advice and approval.

Working group

The Identity Working Group on Print meets regularly to assess, approve and review the application of identity on print, ratify the use of national campaign devices and approve the design for line images. A list of the current members can be found in the Contacts pages at the back of this brochure.