Station environment – a brief summary

Station environment policy – a brief summary

Environmental colour palette

Not to be confused with the group of Regional Railways house colours, the environmental colour palette has been specially devised to cope with all types and styles of Regional Railways stations. It comprises three principal (or theme) colours, a series of neutrals as base colours, and spot colours used sparingly to highlight special features.

Paint samples can be found in the Identity Management binder.

Station furniture

There will be a range of Regional Railways station furniture from which items can be chosen to suit a particular station’s environment and budget. The items included will cover waiting shelters, litter bins, seating, fencing, platform surfaces, cycle racks, planters, bollards and lighting. For information on both the furniture and the environmental colour palette contact your architect.

Information structure

The Regional Railways modular information structure takes single or double size poster and can be wall or post mounted, double or single sided. It is available in units with two, three or four single size poster frames. A double size poster frame may replace two singles as required. Contact the Publicity Controller for details of production and installation.

The heading panel has the information ‘i’ symbol, the word ‘Information’ and the Regional Railways branding strip with the fleximark. Only rail information should be displayed under this heading. Rail information includes departure sheets, local rail network maps and the ‘Useful Information’ poster. These have been specially designed to complement the header panel. The structures must not be used to display promotional material.

If a structure is required to display local information for the customer leaving the station, or heritage information associated with an approved line image then either the ‘Local Information’ header or a special heritage signing header must be used. See the Identity Management binder or the Signing Negotiation document (described in the Station Signing section of this brochure) for details of the header panels.

Leaflet racks

A leaflet rack has been specially designed to hold both the new format timetables and our full range of leaflets. Contact the Publicity Controller for details of production and installation.

Working group

The Identity Working Group on Stations meets regularly to assess design quality, approve items of station furniture and application of the identity and to monitor new projects. See the Contacts pages in this brochure or in the Identity Management binder for a list of current members.